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Passport, Travel & Visa services from Orion Facilities Management

Orion are leading personnel provider to Oil, Gas & Engineering Sectors

Orion has been working with global energy firms since 1987 and has grown to become a leading provider of personnel to the Oil and Gas and Engineering sectors. During this time we have managed the placement of thousands of professionals across 70 countries, and part of this involves processing a large volume of travel documents, passports and visa applications.

International Office network ready to support you with your Travel Documents

Our team of operational coordinators work across our international network of offices providing visa and permit support to workers and clients, facilitating seamless mobility from assignment acceptance to commencement.

We pass on the benefits of our experience to you, through a seamless and stress free Visa & Passport Service

As part of our placement service, we act as a coordinator between professionals and firms ensuring that all travel documents are handled with the utmost care, accuracy and security. Our experience and deep knowledge of the various territories in which we operate ensures that we can address any and all mobility challenges that may arise and that all compliance, policy and procedural requirements are met.

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