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Orbit Commissioning Services

Orbit is the powerful, customisable and user-friendly completions and commissioning management software package, optimising workflow and improving performance within key energy projects globally.

More than ever efficient completions management demands time, resource and cost, reflecting the increasing demand on firms for visibility, transparency, accuracy and above all else accountability. Orbit is a structured control tool to support delivery and guarantee project integrity to the eventual asset owner and/or operator.

Orbit is a structured control tool with three primary functions:

  • An electronic warehouse for the storage of data
  • A system for monitoring task accomplishment
  • A means of reporting the Completion status of an item, system, plant and ultimately the project.

Monitor Performance, on the move...

It is now easier than ever to review data and monitor task accomplishment throughout the completions phase. Orbit is a complete, multi-platform solution - allowing you to plan, monitor and communicate within a joined-up digital environment, both in the office and on the go.

Monitor task accomplishment, systems performance and track critical success factors with a fully customizable suite of modules, and start supporting your project with fast and reliable project management.

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