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Maintained Employee Accommodation in Baku

As part of our project support and provision services in Azerbaijan, Orion Facilities Management provide employee accommodation to personnel through our partnership with an Azerbaijan-based property partner.

Through our partner, we are able to provide over 450 serviced apartments in Baku that meet the very highest standards of safety and security. All properties are fully maintained, and we ensure that all employee accommodation is compliant with client requirements. Our partner is a 100% Azerbaijani owned company who maintain contracts with the major companies in Baku.

Upon arrival in Baku the employee will receive a meet and greet welcome by a representative of our Global Housing Agent. Meetings can be conducted in Azerbaijani, English or Russian. From there, agents will work with employees to select a serviced apartment of their choice. We always aim to provide the most seamless transition possible to facilitate efficient assignment commencement.

We work within monthly allowance rates set by the client, and always adhere to corporate Health, Safety and Security procedures.

If you have any queries or require further information about the employee accomodation options we offer please get in touch with our team.

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